My Top Five Pandora Picks That Are Perfect For Everyone On Your List — Including Yourself

Pandora is one of my top jewelry brands. I’ve had a Pandora charm bracelet since I was in eighth grade, and my collection has flourished ever since. Now my collection consists of so much more than charms, and that is perfectly okay. I love Pandora pieces because the quality is incredible and sturdy for everyday wear. So, here are my top pieces that I recommend for anyone on your life. And, these are all pieces I have in my collection. For simplicity sake, these pieces are currently still available online.

1. Beads and Pave Bracelet: This is one of my favorite pieces that I own because I wear it in so many different ways. I wear it stacked with my beaded Tiffany and Co bracelets, but I also wear it alone, or with a few other dainty pieces. This is a top piece for me to gift because it can be worn in so many different ways. I also recently got the rose gold version and I love stacking the two together.

2. Sparking Tennis Slider Bracelet: Another great piece to either gift or get in your collection. This is a great gift because this bracelet can be adjusted to the size of any wrist. So, if you don’t know their size this is perfect. And, this bracelet is a classic style. I stack it with my beads and pave one, and I love it.

3. Hamsa Charm: I have two of these, and I love it. I’ve been wearing hamsa pieces for years. I have one on a bracelet, and the other I wear by itself on a chain. I think this is at a great price point for gifts. Furthermore, I think the meaning of a hamsa (protection) is perfect for anyone on your list.

4. Elevated Heart Necklace: I received this necklace as a gift, and I absolutely love this piece. It is simple, but leaves a lot of sparkle. I dress it both up and down.

5. Pave Heart Hoop Earrings: These are my favorite pairs of earrings of all time, because they are so lightweight and go with everything. I wear them in both of my piercings, and they are so comfortable. These are a definite classic and I highly recommend.

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