Is the Madewell Transport Tote Worth It?

With designer prices continue to sky rocket, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is now in the 2,000 range, which is insane to think about. However, Madewell has a great tote bag that is less than a tenth of the price (and at the time of writing this, is currently 60 percent off due to Cyber Monday).

That is the Transport Tote, a bag that I have had for over two years at this point. The tote often comes in seasonal colors, but the three basics are English Saddle (a gorgeous caramel brown color that goes with absolutely everything), black, and black brown.

The price point for such a great staple is amazing as well. It is currently priced at $178. However, a little hack is to wait for one of Madewell’s amazing sales, Black Friday/Cyber Monday or a birthday coupon. For a leather bag that is going to last, I think that is amazing. I did not baby mine and it still looks as good as the day I bought it home. With many luxury brands having more and more quality issues, I think paying that price — even at full retail price — isn’t a bad deal for something that you are going to reach for frequently.

I also own the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and I do say that this guy is much bigger and holds so much more. This bag is perfect for work and travel, as I was able to fit a Stoney Clover small pouch, my iPad Pro, my Nook and a folio with so much room to spare. However, this is also a good everyday bag to have as well. When I did read physical books, this guy held it with no problems. Same with water bottles, and my MacBook Air. The only bad thing I will say, is that the more that you load into the purse, the heavier it gets. However, this is the same with pretty much every purse.

I currently have the English Saddle, which is my favorite color leather that Madewell currently offers. What I love about the English Saddle is that it just goes with everything. I wear a lot of neutrals so it goes perfectly. However, it even looks great when I wear all black as well.

This was my first bag in the Madewell Transport collection. Since then, I’ve added the Large Transport Camera Bag, and the Crossbody. I do eventually plan to get the transport crossbody in English Saddle, because I just am obsessed with the color.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tote bag that you know will last you for a while and is less than $200, than seriously take a look at the Transport Tote. And, if you do decide to invest in one, also get a bandanna. It is a game changer for sure.

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