Is Hartford’s Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit Worth It?

When you think of Vincent Van Gogh, you think of painted sunflowers and starry night. Now, imagine if you can be immersed into his work.

Hartford’s Beyond Van Gogh does exactly that. Beyond Van Gogh is an immerse exhibit that travels around the world that allow spectators and art lovers a chance to appreciate Van Gogh’s work by simply going inside of his world.

And, it was announced that the exhibit in Hartford has been extended until October 23. According to the website, there are 300 of Van Gogh’s artworks displayed in a gorgeous 4K display. Tickets can be purchased online by going here. But with ticket prices starting at $40 per person, you want to ask yourself if it’s worth the price tag.

The short answer is yes. One hundred percent. Watching this display truly was breathtaking and it felt as though I was actually in one of Van Gogh’s pieces.

The exhibit is in two parts— the first is a history of Van Gogh’s life which tells so many interesting facts. The second is a presentation of his pieces, which bring them right to life. In the presentation, a beautiful orchestra plays in the background which makes this even more amazing.

Pretty cool right?

However, I don’t want to do all of the talking here. Here are some of my pictures that I’ve taken when I went a few weeks back.

7 thoughts on “Is Hartford’s Beyond Van Gogh Exhibit Worth It?

  1. When my daughter was about 4 or 5, we would go to the art museum in London and she would want to go to the Van Gogh section as she loved the paintings. So I took her to Amsterdam when she was 6 and we went to the Van Gogh museum there. It is well worth a visit.


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