Karabin Farms in Southington Offers All Of the Classic Fall Things Nutmeggers Enjoy

There is nothing like fall in Connecticut. The foliage, the flavors, and the activities are all apart of the fall in CT experience. And, what are the activities do you ask? Well, apple and pumpkin picking definitely tops that list. And, Southington’s Karabin Farms offers just that.

Located on Andrews Road, Karabin Farms is tucked away when you drive up to it. They are open year round, and offer everything from springtime flowers to Christmas trees. During the fall, you can pick apples, pumpkins and of course, walk into the store to pick up some delicious baked goodies and other farm fresh foods (I had an apple cider donut before I left the premises — trust me, it was delicious). And, their store is open daily from 9-5.

While you can pick your own apples, this store has a ton of apples ready for you to enjoy. Additionally, it is stocked with other farm fresh produce, dairy, meat, and vegetables. And of course, there were a ton of delicious treats. What sold me was the apple cider donuts, but they also have muffins, breads and cupcakes.

What I loved about this place was just how simple and casual that it was. And, the prices were not bad for homemade products. The apple cider donuts were six for $5.50. I’ve been to a ton of fall places over the years, and this one was just a place that you can stop on your way home. For me, once of the best things about it was that it was a little place to go and get your pumpkins. I recommend it for kids and adults as we head towards the spooky season as a fun place to just enjoy all of the traditions of fall that Connecticut has to offer.

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