Friday Faves: September 30, 2022

Happy Friday and happy day prior to Blogtober. If you’re a blogger, than you know the stress is about to become real. I have a post explaining in detail all about the changes this Blogtober will be bringing. However, I did want to share some of my favorites of the week with you prior to the kickoff of Blogtober. So, here are this week’s favorites:

Old Navy Ultra High Rise Jeans: I got these when Old Navy ran their promotion for jeans that are $15. Let me tell you that these are the best jeans that I’ve owned as of late. They make my body feel so sculpted, and they are really comfortable to wear. I’ve worn them out, and it honestly felt as though these were leggings, not denim. Good job, Old Navy.

Tell Me Lies TV Show: I loved the book, so naturally I tuned into Hulu to watch the show. And, while it’s different than the book was, I really am enjoying it. I have two more episodes until I’m fully caught up, so that is something that I will be doing this weekend.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Birkenstock Boston Clogs: I am a huge Birkenstock girl. Therefore, the fact that these shoes allow me to wear my favorite type of shoe throughout the year is why they are my new favorite.

Too Good to Be True by Carola Loverig: I was obsessed with Tell Me Lies, and I decided to pick up another book from the author. This time, it’s Too Good to be True. This tells the story of our main character who is diagnosed with OCD. She meets Burke, and the two are engaged in six months. Only, it is revealed that Burke has a hidden agenda. I am about 33 percent of the way through, and trust me, I’m sure that I will be devouring this one very quickly.

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