Women Who Work: Maxine

Photo Credit: Maxine Elyse

Maxine does it all. She is a teacher by day and comes home to create amazing content. Whether it’s a review on her Bookstagram, @ captivatedbythecover , an episode on her new podcast, Something Simple, or a vlog, she’s definitely one of the most reliable influencers I know and watch. Maxine was so kind to take some time out to chat about her projects, and about teaching. So, without further adue, let’s let the woman herself speak.

So, how did you get started with creating content for your YouTube/Instagram/Podcast?

– I’ve always loved Youtube. It started with the stupid “creepy pencil” and “Charlie the Unicorn” videos, but the love remained. About 14 years ago, I shifted to watching covers of songs and started posting my own originals and covers on there. About 5 years ago, I started watching vlogs and other content, and wanted to do the same! It always brought laughs when my friends and I would watch them together. Bookstagram started a couple years ago for me. I had no idea this community existed, and not all my friends are big readers, so I knew my following on my regular instagram couldn’t care less about the books I was reading. The podcast came from my friend who suggested I try it! She knows I have a lot to say for a quiet person! 

How long have you been creating content? 

– For youtube, I started creating content maybe 13 years ago? But the vlogs have been more recent – about 4 years ago! 

What is your favorite type of content to create? 

– I love creating vlogs and watching the outcome after edits (don’t love the editing process as much – I don’t own a Mac, so it’s tedious to work with iMovie on my phone.) My favorite vlogs are the ones I make with my friends! I’m not a super aesthetic person, but I enjoy creating bright pictures that fit with my bookstagram. It’s also fun to write book reviews. Surprisingly, my longest book review was on a book I didn’t particularly enjoy. Does that say something about me? …

What influencers do you like to watch?  

– Nicole Laeno is one of my most recently discovered influencers. She’s literally a junior in high school, but her editing and overall presence is awesome and positive. I’d rather have my 7th grade students watch her than fake tiktok wannabes! Steph Pappas is forever one of my favorites. She’s relaxing to watch after a long day. And of course, the iconic Emma Chamberlain because… duh.

Photo Credit: Captivated by the Cover

You have a Bookstagram, Captivated by the Cover. What are you reading right now? 

– I’m reading Malibu Rising right now as a summer sayonara! 

If someone were to ask you for a book recommendation, what would it be? Why? 

– It depends what they’re into, but I will usually recommend Perks of Being a Wallflower because the characters will feel like your friends and you, no matter who you are, at some point felt like Charlie. Plus, the movie is just as good. Or, Big Little Lies because it’s a mystery (if you’re in a reading slump, mysteries solve all — literally) and got me out of a pretty big reading slump, orGood Girl’s Guide to Murder for the same reason. I guess I’m not great with “just one”! 

You’ve been on YouTube and had a Bookstagram for a while. What made you decide to do a podcast? 

– My friend told me I should start one! I didn’t think anyone would listen, but it’s a nice space to share my thoughts (I have quite a lot.) But, I wanted Something Simple to be something people can just hang out and listen to anywhere/any time. It’s very laid back! I’m also big on journaling (like, used to use my facebook status space as a place to journal), so this is one better! Verbally saying my thoughts/venting is therapeutic, too.

Where can people listen to your podcast? 

– My podcast can be listened to on Anchor.fm or Spotify! I’ll work to get it on Apple soon, too.

What will be your posting schedule now that school is back in session? 

– Great question! I want to keep it as something that feels like a hobby rather than work, so keeping the idea as something “laid back” I’ll try to get to it ideally at least once a week, but that is easier said than done. If people are interested, they can choose to be notified, and hopefully whatever I choose to talk about that week is good for them! 

What is something that you wish to tell teachers (or anyone) who is interested in vlogging or doing any kind of podcast? 

– Do it because you love it. If you do it for any other reason, there will be an unnecessary pressure to reach a certain following or number of subscribers, or whatever. Do it because you LOVE IT. My dad used to videotape us when we were younger, and we have all of those memories to look back on. He did that for us… because he enjoyed doing it, and that’s the kind of attitude I’m going to keep, too! It can be easy to forget why you truly started when all the other materialistic stuff gets in the way. There will also be people who don’t understand. They don’t have to understand if it brings you joy! 

Where can people find you? Please plug away any and all social media accounts! 

– yay, friends!! @Captiviatedbythecover is my bookstagram. Something Simple is my podcast. And, Maxine Elyse is my Youtube.

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