Newtown’s Aquila’s Nest Is Your Next Girls Night Location

From live music to events, Aquila’s Nest Vineyard in Newtown, Conn. offers an experience that is more than just unwinding with a glass of wine. With a vibe that is relaxed, Aquila’s Nest is the best place to do just that. Located just off of Route 34, the vineyard offers a gorgeous view to enjoy with that glass of wine.

First, let’s talk about the wine. While the vibe is relaxing, the wine is definitely worth the trip. Their wine list offers the usuals — red, white, and rose (you can view the complete wine list here). However, they also offer some great seasonal picks as well. For example, when I visited this past weekend, they had red, white and blue wine slushies. And, they were perfect for the hot temperatures.

Now, let’s talk about their event calendar, because it is jam packed. They have live music and food trucks on a regular basis. But, there is so much more. Some of the upcoming events that are listed include: yoga, karaoke, and paint and sip. Be sure to check their Facebook for the events. And, of course, you can host a private event there as well.

With all that it has to offer, I think Aquila’s Nest is great for a girl’s night, or even just a fun and relaxed night out with your significant other (if they like wine that is). I definitely recommend taking the trip if you’re looking for something to do all while taking advantage of the Connecticut summer weather.

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