Fourth of July Accessories You Need This Year

With tons of cookouts, fireworks, and celebrations, America’s birthday is fast approaching. I actually don’t own much red, white, and blue I always rely on accessories to amp up the outfit.

That said, I wanted to share some of my favorites that I will be wearing on repeat this Fourth of July weekend. Most of these are jewelry, but I have thrown some other great ideas as well. What is unique about all of these is that you can wear these all year around. I love celestial jewelry so stars are a must.

T Jazelle Red White and Blue Stack: The T Jazelle cape bracelets are a great piece to have to either layer or on its own. For Memorial Day, I stacked the red, white, and blue opal ones, and they looked amazing. However, I do wear them separately or in other stacks that I create.

T Jazelle Stacker Set: This stacker set is amazing. It’s perfect for the Fourth of July, because of it’s red, white and blue beads. However, it’s something that you can wear throughout the year in other stacks as well.

Kendra Scott Jai Earrings and Necklace: I have the sterling silver versions of these, and I am obsessed. However, they come in a ton of colors, and are great accessories during this Fourth of July party season. What I love about the sterling silver is that it goes with any outfit, AND it works great in my first and second piercing.

JOJO Loves You Earrings: I personally don’t have these, but these earrings are an amazing addition to any outfit. I purchase mine at Tickled Pink, and these come in royal blue and cherry bling. You can stack them together for the Fourth of July, and then wear them seperately for the remainder of the year.

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