New Haven’s Famous Sally’s Patio Is the Place to Be This Summer

When you think of New Haven pizza, two things come to mind. The first, of course, is its delicious taste. The second is the long lines it takes to get in.

Sally’s Pizza is no exception to that rule. But, they seem to have an answer to at least occupying your time while you wait.

That answer is a new bar area/patio area that allows outdoor dining. This area serves wine, beer, and Foxon Park sodas. However, it also offers a few appetizers, including a meat and cheese selection, and pizza sticks. Yum. Once your table is ready, you now have the option to eat your pizza outside, or inside the famous establishment.

With all of these changes, one thing that I would like to note is that the quality of the pizza still remains the same. However, the option to have a glass of wine with your pizza online enhances the experience. I also loved this experience, because I have no patience and crowds give me some anxiety, so this was a relaxing way to pass the time.

I had the opportunity to visit Sally’s this past weekend, and I already was impressed with the improvements. This is the perfect place to go with a couple of friends to relax and catch up, because as I said earlier, there is no better combination then pizza and wine.

However, this new patio isn’t the only change Sally’s is making. They have now optioned a new location in Stamford, so those in Fairfield county can still have a slice of New Haven pizza. And, according to an article in the Hartford Current entitled Sally’s Apizza coming to Wethersfield, New Haven pizza legend’s rep and town official confirm, that is only the beginning. Sally’s will be coming to Wethersfield and Norwalk as well. The date when those locations will be opened is unknown.

Photo credit: Leah Myers

Overall, Sally’s has made some changes over the last few years, and this patio environment is definitely one of the more delicious ones.

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