Bag Talk: Is Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag Worth It?

This is the bag that you see everywhere, and it is only right that this bag is called the Everywhere Belt Bag from Lululemon. The Everywhere Belt Bag, which has since been revived with extensive sizing, is a belt bag that can be worn as both a fanny pack and crossbody. The bag retails $38, and for the price, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. This is by far one of the cheapest things that you can purchase on Lululemon’s website, but it’s definitely one of my favorite purchases to date.

I currently have four — the pink, the white, the neutral, and the black. Out of all of them, I reach for the black the most because I wear a lot of black leggings and it just goes with most of my wardrobe with no issues.

This bag is a great bag to bring everywhere (no pun intended). I have brought this with me when I was just grabbing food, running errands and I wanted to have a bag that was closer to me, and even just on days where I needed to go hands free. I can see myself using this bag also for walks, hiking, and even a trip to the beach. And, since this is made out of nylon, this thing is durable.

What I love about this belt bag is that it’s so comfortable to wear. I am a 40D bust, and I can fit into it comfortably with no problems. It also can hold a ton. Depending on my day, I either stick my Louis Vuitton recto verso with car keys, iPhone 11 Pro, hand sanitizer, chapstick and hand lotion with ease. I also have used this bag to carry my Louis Vuitton reverse monogram card case, 6 ring key holder, iPhone 11 pro, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and chapstick. I also can fit my AirPods Pro when I do things in this manner as well. I also can fit other things such as period pads without any issues.

Overall, this bag is popular and it’s popular for a reason. It’s versatile, it is easy to use and something that will be a part of my everyday wardrobe for years to come. I recommend this bag for anyone — whether you are the adventurous type, or the laid back. I also think that this would be a great bag to carry for vacations, and beach trips that can be taken into the day to day busy life.

If you are considering purchasing this bag, I highly recommend it because it will quickly become a bag that is incorporated in your daily life, and it’s actually inexpensive. Basically, it’s a bag that you can take everywhere.

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