Are Yoga Pants Making a Comeback?

I am going to completely age myself here when I say that the most popular thing back when I was in high school was the yoga pants. And, for some reason, they could never work for me. They would fit okay in some areas, and be too big in others.

However, 12 years later, flare leggings have entered the scene. Atheleisure shops such as Lululemon and Aerie have them available, and they are one of their best selling pairs too.

So, I decided to give Aerie’s Offline OG High Waisted Pair a try. These pair have gone viral. For the most part, I loved them. I am a huge fan of the line, and have several pairs of the highwaisted leggings. What I like about these pairs is that the leggings were exactly like my normal ones. The only difference was that they had a small flare at the bottom versus being more fitted.

And, I loved them! I loved that they give me a different look than traditional leggings, but they are so comfortable.

That said, I did have one complaint with them, which was that the leggings were really long. I am short, and I found myself tripping on them throughout the day. The next pair I order will be the ones in short.

So, how did I wear them?

I kept it really casual. I wore a crewneck sweatshirt from Old Navy, and a pair of Koolaburra by Ugg boots. This was the perfect outfit for a day of running errangs. I also had my Madewell Transport Tote Camera bag as well.

Overall, after wearing them, I finally do get the hype of these leggings and am brought back to my high school days with this look. Next time though, I will opt for the short length, because I don’t want to be tripping around.

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