Friday Faves: February 18, 2022

TGIF everyone! I have President’s Day off, so it’s already going to be a long weekend for me. I plan to do some decluttering to help prepare for my move, as well as just try to slow down for a bit. It’s been a rough and busy few weeks, so I could use some time to take care of myself.

Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life by Sutton Foster: I have never seen Younger, and really don’t know much about Sutton Foster. I will be the first to admit it. However, I really was drawn in on this book, because I love crafting. And, I really enjoy reading this book. It discusses her life and her traumas. Or, listening since I am listening to the audiobook. I recommend this book if you love crafting or if you love Sutton as well.

Old Navy Light Support PowerSoft Longline Sports Bra: As a busty gal, I love this bra so much that I bought six colors (thank you Old Navy Clearance Rack). I’ve been wearing this nearly every day this week, and I am loving it. It offers a lot of support during workouts, but they cover more than a typical sports bra, so it’s perfect for wearing as a shirt as well.

Full Moon Healing Spray: I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately, and this has been helping (shoutout to my future mother in law for introducing me to this). It smells like lavender, and I have been using this to wind down before bed. I recommend this to anyone who is dealing with anxiety, or needs some healing in their life.

innBeauty Glaze Lip Oil in Sheer Red: I am obsessed with this lip oil. Yes I have three in my collection but this lip oil is so easy and it has moisturized my lips so much! What I love about this one is that it has such a great color and it smells so great. This is a great alternative to the Dior one at a fraction of the cost.

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