Milford’s Scorp Zone Offers Quality Pieces That Promote Healing at a Great Price

For the past few years, I’ve been dabbling into the healing powers of crystals thanks to my fiancé’s mother. Over the weekend, she asked us to take her to Scorp Zone, whose retail location is at 33 Eastern Steel Road, in Milford. Now, I was skeptical until I walked through the doors of the shop. I had been to a crystal shop a few years back, and I really didn’t like how I felt after leaving.

However, I was wrong.

Scorp Zone offers an environment that has the purpose of support and healing in mind no matter what the buyer is going through. When you walk through the doors, you are greeted with some costume jewelry, and a few other small items.

Then, as you go into the crystal room, you are greeted by every kind of stone that you can think of — from amethyst to opalite, and everything in between. Oh, and all of the colors of quartz that you can possibly think of. Crystals come in every size, from tiny ones that can be fit in pockets to larger sizes for display. Additionally, the shop offers a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, healing spray, selenite bowls, and kits that have every intention that can assist with any kind of struggle.

What is really cool about this shop is there is a list of the healing properties of every crystal. I like this because it helps you find the exact crystal you need for what you are going through. However, if you do happen to have a question on something, the staff is all too eager to help with any question you may have. While this is my first time at the store, this wasn’t my future mother in law’s. When she was there the first time, she said that the owner let her customize her selenite bowls.

This leads me to my next point. We had a chance to talk to the woman the shop, and she was one of the most passionate people I’ve met about her work. In fact, she said something along of the lines of “I feel like I don’t go to work everyday.” When someone has that much passion, you can feel both the love and the quality of every piece.

Healing sprays — for $11.11!

Finally, I do want to touch upon how affordable everything in the shop is. I’ve purchased a few different crystal bracelets and crystals, but these prices are some of the best I’ve seen for good quality ones. I think that is amazing, because it makes it more attainable for someone to develop their own crystal collection.

A selenite bowl with crystal bracelets.

And, if you can not make it to their Milford location, don’t worry. You can purchase items directly from their website. And, shipping’s free. Be sure to also check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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