Shopping My Way Around CT: Rumanoffs in Hamden

Some of the bracelets I purchased from Rumanoffs!

It is no secret that I love jewelry. I love costume jewelry and I love fine jewelry pieces. However, there are so many jewelry stores around that finding one that you trust and you love is often a challenge.

One of my go-tos for this is Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelry in Hamden. Rumanoff’s is my favorite place to go to for all of my jewelry needs. They have a huge variety of jewelry brands — from affordable brands such as Pandora and T Jazelle, to finer brands that are on the more expensive side. Furthermore, the store has a great selection for bridal as well.

What I like about the store the most is the staff. I come into the store just to look around every now and then, and every person who has helped me has been so helpful — no matter the amount that I spend. Last year for Valentine’s Day, they helped me order a medal for my fiancé, and they did it in the matter of days to make sure that I got the right one. And, they are always so patient whenever I have any questions when there are promos for Pandora.

Furthermore, they are great also for custom pieces. I found a brooch in my mom’s things, and I took it to Rumanoff’s last weekend to turn it into a pendant. I worked with Jennifer, and she really took her time to make sure I got a design that I loved. At the time of publishing this post, I currently don’t have it, but I will share it once I do. You can also take a look at their work on Leslie’s Instagram. All of it is truly gorgeous.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a gift for your Valentine, I highly recommend checking them out.

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