My Engagement Story

Hey everyone! I am kicking off a new series on this blog — a wedding series that will go through the whole wedding planning process. Now, I don’t actually plan on getting married until fall 2023. But, I wanted to kick it off with telling you how the wedding planning journey began.

How it Happened:

My fiancé and I went to a tree lighting on Black Friday evening. Going to a tree lighting was something that we’ve always wanted to do during our relationship, so since we both didn’t have to work that night, we decided to go. As a side note, I love walking through Christmas lights. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and there is something that is so magical about walking through Christmas lights. At least for me.

It was freezing, so we were walking in and out of various stores to keep warm until the lights went on at 6:30. Finally, the countdown for the lights to go on was near, and warmth was on its way.

So I thought.

We took a few photos and began walking back to the car. He led me a different direction — a bridge right on the water. My fiancé said “now’s as good time as any,” and pulled out a pink box. Now, I wish someone had the foresight to videotape what he said, because I honestly can’t remember much other than he had tears in his eyes and the question “will you marry me?” Was asked. He did try to get down on one knee, but due to the cold temperature that was not an option.

At that moment, he took off my promise ring that I wore for the last year, and replaced it with my engagement ring, which is a morganite ring from SamNSue. By now, we both were crying, and even though I had a feeling it was going to happen, I was still shocked that I was someone’s fiancé.

Do we look like we just got engaged?

We spent the weekend celebrating our engagement, and were so grateful for the support that we received from our family and friends. Because our engagement was so close to Christmas, we decided to hold off on even discussing the idea of any wedding planning to just soak in the high of being newly engaged. I am so happy we chose to do that and take our time with it, because it took us a long time to reach this point. And, now that we’re here, I want to enjoy it.

So, now what? Stay tuned for more wedding content over the next year or so!

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