Book Review: Heartstopper Volume Four

The Heartstopper graphic novel series by Alice Osman has taken bookstagram and booktube by storm in the last few years. The series, with its fifth book and a future Netflix series on the way, is about Charlie and Nick’s relationship. While it is a cute and heartwarming read, the series has talked about series issues such as mental health and eating disorders, coming out, and bullying.

This volume is no different. In this installment, we have our two main characters Nick and Charlie. Charlie is getting ready to say I love you to Nick. Nick is worried about Charlie, and is looking for him to get help, in addition to trying to come out to his dad. The novel takes us on their journey.

You can read this novel in one sitting, however, I must warn you. You will end up with tears in your eyes like I did.

I believe that this series truly lives up to the hype. I feel like Osman protracted Charlie’s mental illness in a way that not only brought awareness to the issue, but also demonstrated what a healthy relationship should look like in that situation.

I also love the illustrations, the storytelling, and the overall series itself. I devoured this book in one sitting because once you open the book, you are sucked into it.

Overall, I give Heartstopper Volume 4 five out of five stars, and HIGHLY recommend. I also recommend the other books if you haven’t already checked them out.

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