2022/January 2022 Bullet Journal Designs

Welcome to the newest feature on my blog, which is about my bullet journaling journey! As I mentioned in my last post, I want to try to bullet journal more and actually stick to it. So, what better way to do that than to blog about it?

That said, I am not that artistic, but I wanted to give some credit to a few different items. The bullet journal set is from Amazon, and contained the journal, stencils, pens, and stickers. I also got some Clickart markers from Joann. I also printed out this calendar from Lovely Calendar, and got some ideas from AmandaRachLee on YouTube.

2022 Pages:

My 2022 pages are pretty simple. I did the index, my goals for the year, manifestations, a 2022 calendar, and a watch list to keep track of things I want to listen to, read and watch.

January 2022 Pages:

My January pages are pretty simple as well. I did a fun January title page with a calendar of the month with a list of important dates, a page for goals, a page of wishlist, reading tracker, blog stats tracker,and savings tracker. I also did a TBR to keep track of the books that I wanted to read, which is not pictured.

So, those are my pages for this month. I am not artistic when it comes to drawing whatsoever, but I must say that I am proud with how these came out.

5 thoughts on “2022/January 2022 Bullet Journal Designs

  1. Love this, Natalie! Starting bullet journaling is one of my goals this year, this was helpful x Penny / whatdidshetype.blogspot.com


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