Bag Talk: Are the Stoney Clover Minis Worth It?

Here on bag talk, we have been talking about handbags. However, today’s is going to be a little different, as we’re going to chat about the Stoney Clover Lane Mini Pouch.

I have a few of them including: the hazelnut cozy, the mini pouch with a sherpa outline, black, apple cider, and nude. And, I am obsessed.

If you don’t know about the Stoney Clover Lane brand, here’s some further information. Stoney Clover Lane is a brand that focuses on travel pouches, duffel bags and so much more. What is unique about them is that everything is completely customizable, and you can customize them to have or say whatever you want. I have some with patches and some without.

The pouch that I have had the longest and have used the most is the mini. I got my first mini off of Poshmark and it’s been in rotation every since. When Stoney Clover Lane had their Stoney Clover Saturday sale and their Apres Ski launch, I went a little crazy. Typically, I keep hand sanitizer, chap stick, lip products if I choose to use them, hand lotion, my vaccine card, air pods, and my chargers with room to spare. I organize my purses with pouches, so for me, it’s a must have.

And, the mini fits in nearly every handbag that I have. I can fit it in my totes (well obiviously), but I can also stick it in my Dooney and Bourke crossbody as well as my Madewell Transport Camera Bag.

It is truly the ultimate little purse junk drawer if you ask me.

While I use this as a purse organizer, I can honestly see using this as a travel piece to keep things organized. I haven’t tested the limits of this piece, but I can say that it can fit a lot. I haven’t done any travelling where I would need to pack, but if I do, I can honestly see myself using it to stick the small things that I wouldn’t want rolling around, such as jewelry, medicine, charger cables, and so much more.

And, yes, it is worth the money. The only bag that maybe might give this pouch a run for its money is my Louis Vuitton mini pochette. But, Stoney Clover is a fraction of the price and much more affordable. I’ve had the Longchamp pouches and the Vera Bradley ones, but honestly, I just love the Stoney Clover Lane ones so much more.

I am fairly new to the Stoney Clover Lane brand, but so far, I am really enjoying every one of my pieces and have nothing but good things to say about the brand. The quality is there, and every one of their pieces honestly just fills me with joy.

While it may be too late to order a customized piece for Christmas, I still recommend checking them out and picking up one. You’ll become addicted.

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