Wishlist from The Fall 2021 T Jazelle Launch

T Jazelle stack!

As many of you know, one of my favorite new jewelry brands is T Jazelle. Located on Cape Cod, T Jazelle has gemstone bracelets (many with healing properties), some with sterling silver charms and some without. The owner, Tiffany Jazelle, claims her bracelets offer “your story on a stack,” and I could not agree more. Over the past year, I have developed a collection of bracelets, and almost all of them have a unique story tied to them.

Photo from Tickled Pink App

Tomorrow, (Thursday October 21, 2021), is the official launch of the new fall collection. Based on what I have been seeing on the T. Jazelle Instagram and on a special Tickled Pink Tuesday on the Tickled Pink app, there are some good ones.

Photo from the Tickled Pink app

One of the biggest ones that I had to get (I actually already ordered it through Tickled Pink) is the Evil Eye Bracelet. I picked this little guy up during the live last night. This one is so cool, and comes in amazonite or lapis tiger’s eyes. I picked up the Amazonite one, and I can not wait to receive it in the mail.

In addition, there are a ton of new stacker stones, including indigo gabbro (promotes grounding), and red brick jasper (renewal). There are also a few new stones for the Cape Cod bracelets (aka my personal favorite), including red and green opal ones. The Cape Cods are my personal favorite T Jazelle bracelets because they mix and match so well. There also looks to be a new angel wing charm, which is something that I want to grab as well potentially.

Photo from the Tickled Pink app

In addition, there also appears to be some T Jazelle merch, such as sweatshirts that Tiffany teased in her Instagram. And trust me when I say this, it is so adorable!

That said, what do I plan to pick up in this launch?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I already snagged an evil eye bracelet. However, I have my eye on the red opal Cape Cod bracelet, and perhaps a bracelet with the angel wing gemstone. I also really want to grab a terahertz bracelet as well, because they look gorgeous and pair so well in a stack. All of these are great to stack in the fall and winter season, and of course, make great gifts.

So, what do you plan to grab in the drop? Let me know in the comments below.

*In the effort to promote transparency, I was not sponsored in any way shape or form for this post. All opinions are my own, and I just love the T. Jazelle brand.

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