October Amazon Favorites

Amazon has become my go-to place. I have been making some changes with my home, so I have been taking advantage of having Amazon Prime. Prime has definitely been my BFF, and I’m really excited to share some of my favorites from my shopping.

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadows in Warm Neutrals: Okay, this is not a houseware thing. BUT, I have been on the hunt for a new makeup palette for a while. I don’t know, it must be the new season. I purchased this one on Thursday when this was a lightning deal, and I got it for only $10. I have been experimenting with some of the shades, and I really love this palette because these colors are ones that I can wear all of the time.

Claw Clips: I purchased claw clips at Francesca’s, and it broke within a few weeks after purchase. That said, I decided to purchase these, and they are so much better. Not only are they more affordable — I got two for the price of the previous one — but it’s much more comfortable. Hopefully, it will last longer!

Organizer Bins: I want to thank Brooke Miccio for giving me the inspiration for this purchase. I have had zero organization in my pantry and I was getting sick of it. I purchase this, and over the past weekend, took everything out, got rid of a ton of old items, and put everything in these bins. And, these are a game changer, let me tell you. I love that I am able to find something that I have been looking for, and it freed up so much space. Furthermore, I also love it that it helped me realize what I have already so I don’t have to second guess.

Kindle: I know. I have the Kindle Oasis. And, I love the Kindle Oasis. However, I have been taking a lot of train trips and it’s harder to take with me. So, thanks to a deal from Kindle Unlimited, I decided to grab the Kindle. The base Kindle. And, you can definitely tell that it’s a cheaper quality than the other one. But, I really love the size and have been using this outside of my trips.

Lazy Susan Spice Rack: Last, but certainly not least, I got this lazy Susan to help assist with keeping my pantry organized. I love having this organization, and the value was amazing. So far, it works perfectly and fits in small spaces. What is good is that you can use one for entertainment purposes, and one for your pantry (well that’s what I am using it for anyways.) I highly recommend it thus far, since it has changed the game in my cabinets.

4 thoughts on “October Amazon Favorites

  1. That shadow palate is gorgeous! I may need to check that out. I really could be doing with a lazy Susan for all my spices they are all over the place in the cupboard lol


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