Friday Faves: September 24, 2021

TGIF everyone! I am getting my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, so I am going to be facing a low key weekend. I have quite a few different products that I would like to share with you, so this post is a bit more product heavy this week. Here are this week’s favorites:

Tiffany Mini Double Heart Necklace in Tiffany Blue: I want to preface this by saying that I actually have had this necklace for over six years. It was a gift from my mom on my 21st birthday, and I have gone through phases of wearing this a lot because it’s simple and goes with everything. I actually bought it into the Tiffany’s store to be cleaned this week. This necklace is on this week’s favorites because I am in the phase of wearing it a lot, and because it will always be one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. My mom and I went to the casino the day after I turned 21, and she bought me this to remember our trip. I love Audrey Hepburn, so that is why she got it for me. Later that day, I had won money the first time I played the slot machines, so I purchased the ball bracelet as well. I have since purchased the red necklace and the rubedo version so I can rotate them if I want to give this one a break.

New Music: I have discovered some new music that has been on repeat this week. One of my best friends has immaculate music taste, and they introduced me to a few new songs: Rumors by Lizzo and Cardi B, and F*** a Silver Lining by Panic at the Disco. I also have been loving the rereleased version of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift and Breakdown by Demi Lovato and G Easy. I am excited to have a chance to expand my music library, and discover new songs.

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty: I love Liane Moriarty. She is a must-buy for me time after time. I just downloaded the e-book and I have been loving it. It tells the story of the Delany family, where the matriarch, Joy, has gone missing. The four children are trying to piece together what happened. I am about 40 percent in, but I can tell you that it is definitely worth the read, despite the slow start.

Mcthriftzie Videos: As many of you know, I use Poshmark to get rid of unwanted clothes, jewelry, and accessories from my closet. I stumbled across her videos one day, and I have been obsessed. Basically, she owns a Poshmark closet that is her full time position. Her channel consists of ship with me and thrift hauls. She makes money by going to thrift stores, and then reselling them. I find it interesting to learn how this works, and watch how she runs her business.

Madewell Knotted Crossbody Bag: Madewell purses are by far my favorite. This one caught my eye in the 20 percent off sale going on. I resisted. That is, until Nordstrom offered me some additional notes, and I was able to get $45 off. I love it so far, because it is a great grab and go bag. I can fit my keys, wallet, and phone. I highly recommend this bag, especially since it is essentially a wristlet with a crossbody strap.

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