New Haven’s The Clay Date Offers a Relaxing Creative Outlet

Art is one of my favorite forms of therapy, hence why many of us still revert to adult coloring books, or have hobbies such as knitting or crocheting. However, one of my favorite things to do in the form of therapy is take a trip to the Clay Date, located in New Haven.

Located on Route 63 on the Woodbridge/New Haven line, The Clay Date is your one stop shop for anything art related. They have a huge variety of activity – painting ceramics, mosaics, t-shirt making, and making candles.

I have been making ceramics here for years. What I love about making ceramics is that they have so many different choices, including the basics (bowls, mugs, plates, etc.), or seasonal items such as pumpkin mugs, or anything holiday related. They even have the classic ceramic Christmas trees during the holiday season. This is such a great place to make gifts, and other seasonal items. And, the best part? It’s unique to you.

Here’s the process of making ceramics. First, you pick up the item that you wish to make. Then, you are seated at a table with a bowl or water and color swatches. And, then you start painting your piece. Painting the piece is my favorite – and the most relaxing – part of the process because it is just so soothing. They recommend putting three coats of each color, and putting the darker color on last.

The Clay Date is my favorite place to go to for a number of reasons. I love going there on a night that I just need some “me time.” However, I also love going whenever I want to do something with a bunch of friends as well, because it’s something that is inexpensive and different than just going out to dinner. 

Now, let’s talk about the prices. Honestly, it depends on what kind of project that you want to do, as projects can range from $12 – $50. I think that it is a great thing do, as going out can be easily rack up, and it doubles as something that is relaxing as well.

Overall, the Clay Date is a great place for friends to meet. But, it’s not just a thing to do on a Friday night. It’s a great place to use as an creative outlet. It’s a great way for families to spend time together. Art is something that doesn’t have to stop when you reach a certain age, and I definitely think that the Clay Date to just be creative.

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