Ways I Generate Blog Post Ideas

I have had a blog that for over ten years. While the content that I write has evolved and changed over the years, I still have one problem – writer’s block. Writer’s block happens from time to time. I think almost every blogger or writer can agree that it’s a problem that is far too common. That said, I sometimes have trouble with coming up with ideas for a blog post. So, I decided to take a moment (ironically while I have writer’s block), to talk about all the ways that I come with ideas for blog posts when I just can’t think of anything.

Reviews: Reviews are super easy. Whether it’s a TV show, a purse or even a book, reviews are a great way to not only get great content, but also promote a great product. What is also great about reviews is that you can even use the name of the product in your keywords, which promotes some traffic. Definitely a win-win.

Pinterest: I love Pinterest! Pinterest is a great resource for bloggers, and is one that I do not use enough. Pinterest is a great place to promote a blog post, but also is a great place to get some ideas. There are so many different lists that have different blog post ideas for the season, type of blog that you have, etc. This is a great resource to use especially during Blogtober and Blogmas, where you write a post nearly every day of the week.

Social Media: My blog talks a lot about different places to eat, shop and events. Therefore, social media is something that is super helpful because I can learn about different places through the people that I follow.

Keep a List: I have the Goodnotes app, and I use it a lot to write a list of blog post ideas. I keep an idea bank if I run into the situation where I can’t think of any posts to write, I can reference it. This is especially helpful when you work towards maintaining consistency when writing posts. Bloggers, what do you do when you are r

6 thoughts on “Ways I Generate Blog Post Ideas

  1. Ugh, I had written a loooong comment about your very relevant post, but WP wouldn’t let me confirm my account so this one will be shorter. It can definitely be a struggle coming up with content ideas especially since we both have been blogging for many years. It was interesting to learn how you get ideas!

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