Eating My Way Around CT: Tea With Tracy — the Perfect Brunch Spot

Tea parties is something that is often associated with childhood, however Tea With Tracey has made it possible for adults to join into the fun. With two locations in Seymour and Oxford, it is the perfect place to go with your girls, take your mom and grandma out to lunch, and so much more. Plus, it’s a great place that is aesthically pleasing for the perfect Instagram shot.

I recently went to the Oxford location for the first time, and I was blown away. They have a tea menu that is two pages, ranging in seasonal flavors to traditional. Furthermore, they also have a selection of teas that were inspired by authors. When you get your tea, it is served in a little tea pot, which has enough for two or three cups if you choose the smaller option. The tea is already seeped, so it is ready to drink as soon as you get it. 

Not only is their tea menu extensive – their food menu has so many different options to choose from as well. Breakfast is served at their Oxford location only, which includes eggs, French Toast, waffles and pancakes. Lunch is served at both of their Seymour and their Oxford locations, and have a ton of sandwich, soup and salad options. They also offer desserts, and scones as well – all of which are perfect to pair with a cup of tea.

What I love about Tea With Tracey is the aesthetic and the overall vibe. A pot of tea will last you a while, which is great to sit with someone and just catch up. While it may be a fancier place, it is still a great go-to place for brunch, celebrations, and more. It is also a great place to just go to, because it’s so unique and definitely worth the trip. 

Interested in Tea With Tracey? Check out their website here. And if you do end up going, I would definitely make a reservation as the tea room fills up quickly.

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