2021 Nordstrom Sale Wishlist

Ahh, it’s that time of year. The Nordstrom sale. The sale that all bloggers, YouTubes and influencers can not stop talking about. It’s here. Cardholders can shop on the following dates: Icons on July 12, Ambassadors on July 14, and Influencers/All Card Holders on July 16. If you are not a Nordy Card member, you can start shopping the sale on July 28th.

Last year, it is safe to say that I went into the sale without a plan and spent way more than I needed too. Oops. It happens. I do use most of these things, and use the sale as a way to get some of my Christmas shopping done as well, so I am not too upset about it. 

This year, I didn’t find too much that I wanted, but I still plan to pick up a few things. So, here’s what I put on my Nordstrom sale wishlist for 2021 that will not be gifts. I will not share any gifts those, as these are all meant for myself. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Backpack in Black: I have been wanting a Longchamp backpack for a long time. I love the Le Pliage line because they are so durable and great for storing. I am opting for the larger one, because I already have a smaller one, and this one will be great for traveling with my camera, Kindle or hiking with a water bottle.

True and Co. V Neck Bralette:  I am such a huge fan of the True and Co. Brand, so I am naturally going to pick out some bras because they are so comfortable.

Nike Indy Mesh Inset Sports Bra: I have been using a lot of sports bras as of late, and this one looks like it will stand the hard HIIT workouts that I do on a regular basis. Having a few more in this collection will definitely help with keeping a solid rotation in my collection.

Bracha Initial Pendent Necklace: I have been wanting this for a while now, but couldn’t justify the price. That said, for the price of $29, I can handle that. I definitely am thinking about getting this as a gift for a few people as well.

So, those are my Nordstrom sale picks for this year’s sale. I have a few others on my wishlist, but as I mentioned earlier, those are Christmas gifts for this year.

While the sale is something that everyone is talking about, I want to advise those reading this – myself included – to not get carried away. Make sure you keep your financial goals in mind when shopping, and just because these items are on sale, doesn’t mean you need to spend your money on it. Just saying. Make sure the items that you pick out are ones that you know you’ll love and use, not what others want or use.

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