Why I Vow To Be “That Girl” This Summer

The terms “hot girl summer” and “that girl” have been flying around like crazy in the influencer world lately. One of my favorite podcasts, Gals on the Go, devoted an entire episode of the podcast just to discuss the terms and their meaning.

When you hear the phrase “hot girl summer,” I automatically assume the song by Megan The Stallion and Nicki Minaj. However, it means more than just going out and partying every night. According to Dictionary.com, it simply means to be confident and living your best life.

The podcast episode, however, expands that term to be so much more than that. Podcast hosts Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan defined it as being the girl who is put together, and takes care of herself. This person is someone who takes care of herself and puts herself first, whether it may making sure that she has time for self care, working out, and things that she enjoys.

While listening to that episode, I decided thatI wanted to work on being that person. Or, girl rather.

In the past few months, I have been down the path of the same routine. Part of that routine is neglecting to take care of myself, whether it’s because of lack of time, energy or the guilt of doing so. Furthermore, I often forget the importance of breaking out of that routine and the importance of just being social with friends.

This summer, that is going to change. So far, I’ve been taking the steps to take care of myself both mentally and physically. I have been doing yoga at night, journaling, making sure that I do a workout that I love regular, scheduling time for binge watching television shows and reading books, and even going out on week nights. It’s about saying no, just because I am unable to do something and not feel guilty about it. It’s about getting enough sleep, and drinking water.

I know that by filling my own cup, I will be able to show up for those around me. I am not neglecting my own responsibilities, instead I am giving myself the chance to hit pause and refresh. By doing this, I am not selfish. I am someone who is trying to take care of herself to become the best version of herself. Not everyone is going to like me saying no to helping them. And, that’s ok.

So, this summer I will become that girl. And, I am proud of it.

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