Q and A with Little Luminescence’s Lydia

As many of you know, I was a brand ambassador from the former Etsy shop Made by Aniela. Even though the owner Lydia is no longer releasing boho jewelry essentials, she is still making wonderful creations. In fact, she is getting ready to launch a new site, Little Luminescence, which drops tomorrow (June 25). And, it’s not the only thing that gets a makeover. Lydia’s Instagram is a lifestyle page as well.

I got the chance to interview Lydia all about her new brand. So, be sure to keep reading about her new chapter!

Photo Credit: Lydia Aneila

How has this been different than the launch of Made by Aniela?

I am MUCH more prepared this time. I was so scared to no longer work a 9-5 and wanted to start somewhere to get the ball rolling. When in reality I should have waited until I had a better idea as to what I’d like to create, my target market and my over all goal. Though, Etsy and Made by Aniela was a great start. It allowed me to feel more comfortable with creating, listing items, shipping, and over all being my own boss. It showed me what it really takes to make all of this happen. Prepping for this launch has been much more challenging and a lot more fun. I feel proud of myself for navigating the page and really making it my own.

How did you get into designing sun catchers?

I had a lot of beads laying around from all sorts of crafts and like I mentioned, Etsy was good for testing the waters, so, I just started thinking of fun yet relaxing things I could create and sun catchers stuck. I always loved them growing up and it’s a great way to express my creativity while bringing a little light and some smiles into someone’s life.

What are some challenges for the rebrand?

Really having to buckle down and figure out my goal. I had an idea allalong I just didn’t know how to go about it. Being excited about progress and not announcing my every move because things change and shit happens. (I’m still working on that) Having to spend another chunk of money to rebrand. Figuring out what is really worth putting money into and what isn’t, especially when it comes to shipping supplies and things like that.

Where did you get inspiration for the new name?

I started really thinking about what and why. What did I want to sell (for the launch and down the line) I knew I wanted to expand from sun catchers so I didn’t want the name to be too specific. I knew why.. to share my passion, creativity and art with the world. To share my stories and make true, meaningful connections. I started thinking about life, light, positivity. Words that correlate with all of those feelings. I’m a big advocate for “it’s the little things” and Little Luminescence clicked one day like an “ah-ha!” moment. That’s when I really started to get excited about things, it felt right.

Photo Credit: Lydia Aniela

What is in the future for Little Luminescence?

All sorts of good stuff ☺️✨

What are your goals with this new launch?

I want people to be so excited for my one of a kind pieces that they’re setting timers, posting screen shots, telling their friends. My dream is to sell out within a day, hours even, not weeks. I hope people are just as excited for my art as I am to share it.

Photo Credit: Lydia Aneila

What are the price points for the sun catchers?

Anywhere from $10 to $25/30 depending on materials used and time spent.

Will you be returning to making jewelry as well?

I would love to add in some one of a kind pieces! Not any time soon though, as I am taking the time to find better materials for longer lasting wear and little to no tarnishing ✨

Photo Credit: Lydia Aniela

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