Visiting New Haven’s Hidden Gems: The Food Trucks

New Haven may be home for the pizza, but it is also home to one other thing: the food truck. Visit New Haven coins it as “around the world in 5.4 miles,” and I could not agree more. You can get anything from a hot dog to a taco to pad Thai.

The Elm City has four sites where trucks have staked their claim: Ingalls Rink, Downtown, Long Wharf, and the Cedar District (Yale School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital). And, did you know that food truck food is considered to be a New Haven Staple? Visit New Haven states that the spots near the Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital have been around since the 1980s. To view a complete list of the food trucks, check out Street Food New Haven’s website, which is your guide with complete lists of the trucks that are parked. Even though I have lived in the area for my entire life, I have yet to experience the foods from all of these carts.

That said, I have experienced a small bite for years. One of my go-tos when I was working in Science Park was the Pad Thai from the Thai Food Cart at Ingalls Rink. For $6, I got a huge serving of Pad Thai with chicken and vegetables. Not bad.

Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to indulge in going to the Long Wharf ones after a doctor’s appointment in the New Haven area. We got pollo tacos and asade tacos from Birria, Milanese’s De Pollo from La Patrona, and Pinchos de Pollo (chicken kabobs) from Winn Pincho. The price was less than $20 for all of that, and each and every bite was delicious.

Pinchos de Pollo (chicken kabobs) from Winn Pincho
Pollo tacos and asade tacos
Milanese’s De Pollo

What I love about the food trucks are the options, because you can go with a group of friends and everyone can get what they want without much conflict because they have everything that you could ever crave. Furthermore, I love how inexpensive they are. While I am long past my college budget, I still love that I can get great food with large portions for a low price. Furthermore, service is quick — perfect for someone on the go and needs to get back to the office.

Now that summer is here, I hope to experience more of what the New Haven food trucks have to offer (and maybe grab some of the Pad Thai that I have been craving). If you’re interested in learning more about the New Haven food trucks, be sure to check out their website.

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