Why Do We Need To Monetize Hobbies?

I have been a crafty person since I was 12 years old, probably earlier. I took classes at Micheals learning how to make jewelry. Since then, I made jewelry for fun. And, I still do.

That was 14 years ago. Since then, I have learned to knit, crochet, and am venturing out to use my Cricut.

The number one thing I get asked? “When are you going to open an Etsy shop?” Or, “when are you going to start selling stuff?”

The answer is, as of right now, I’m not sure. And, that’s okay. Now, if someone I know wanted me to make them something, then I will be more than happy to make it. However, I am not sure if I will ever truly make my desire to crochet or make jewelry into its own Etsy.

And, that’s okay.

I was listening to a podcast this morning that talked about the fact that many of us feel like we have to master a skill to make a profit out of it. While listening to it, I couldn’t help but agree.

I just do this stuff because it brings me joy and I feel relaxed when I do it. I know if I ever did this, there is a chance that I might be stressed out to get orders done. So, for now it’s a hobby. Not a side hustle. Although if I ever did, at least it would be something I enjoyed.

I work full time already and sell stuff on Poshmark to make extra money to fill my wardrobe with things that I love. One of the things that I look forward to after a long day is binge watching TV shows while crocheting or making things with my Cricut. That is how I unwind. Sometimes, I don’t do that, and that’s okay.

Crafts have become my hobby. It’s something that I do because it fills me with joy and helps me unwind. It’s helpful for me because I make a ton of gifts with it. I also make a lot for myself. For now, it’s okay.

I believe that we’ve lost the concepts of hobbies and doing things for the sake that we enjoy them, not that they help us make money. I don’t know why that is, to be honest. But, I think we need to make more time for those things that bring us joy versus money.

One of the great things that the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine has taught me is the importance of just doing things for the sake of enjoying them. This was a time for hobbies, for learning new things just for the sake of filling the time. I feel like many of us often lose that sense of relaxation because so many people around me are constantly hustling — whether it’s work or side hustling.

As the pandemic draws to a close, I do want us to continue doing these hobbies. Or, at least I want myself to continue making time for them. Not because they bring in money. Just because I enjoy doing them. Which is a perfect valid reason to do something, if I do say so myself.

16 thoughts on “Why Do We Need To Monetize Hobbies?

  1. I have a problem with wanting to monetize all my hobbies! I opened an etsy store in college when I started up knitting, sold several hats/headbands. It was fun but also a chore and probably not even making a good profit margin because I knew nothing about business lol!


  2. I hear you! I have a career and work long hours. Painting my nails, reading and doing puzzles is my fun time. Even blogging for fun sometimes feels like a chore, so I have to find a healthy balance. 🙂


  3. I was told over and over to monetize my blog but I wanted the blog to be my fun hobby. I didn’t want the pressure that it could bring. We need to find ways to enjoy everything we do.


  4. Such an interesting topic, Natalie. I am a crafty person also. Quite a while ago, I tried to find a way to make some extra money during a downturn in the economy by selling my crocheted items. I tried going to boutiques but they took 50% of any sale. I didn’t want to “buy” a table at a craft fair because I was afraid I wouldn’t earn enough to pay for the table. And an Etsy shop seemed like a difficult way to go. So I never did anything about selling my stuff. Oh well.


  5. I am definitely agree that my hobbies are just that. I have a full time job, and I don’t want to be in business for myself. I like having time off to enjoy my hobbies.


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