My Spring 2021 Must-Haves

When you live in Connecticut and have had a long winter, you crave March and springtime. If you’re like me, this means spring fashion. Every year, I always manage to discover new clothes to brighten my wardrobe.

Therefore, here are my must-haves for spring 2021:

  • Wrap Bracelets:
Row 1 L to R: Victoria Emerson, Tory Burch; Row 2 L to R: Tory Burch, Victoria Emerson

This year, I have been obsessed with wrap bracelets. I have two Tory Burch wrap bracelets and two Victoria Emerson Bracelets. I am loving these bracelets because they are so easy to wear and they are so comfortable. If you do opt for the Tory Burch version, I highly recommend that you check out Poshmark. I was able to get mine for $20. The outlets also have a good deal.

  • Layering Bracelets
Bracelets: Bangles are from QVC AND SV Decker, Little Words Project, Gemstone Bracelets are from Gorijana, Silver Beaded are from Various

In the spring/summer, I love stacking bracelets whether that is colorful bangles, beaded bracelets, or pairing smaller bracelets together. Some combinations that I’ve done is a bracelet paired with a beaded bracelet, beaded bracelets stacked, or a colorful bangle with a silver or gold metal one. I have so much fun pairing different items, and I can’t wait until summer to do so.

  • Espadrilles/Canvas Shoes

Canvas is a big thing for me in the summer time. Some of my favorites are the Keds Shoes or the Sketchers Bobs Shoes. Those shoes for me are the ones that I constantly use in the warmer months, and I typically have to buy one pair for every season. Both of these shoes that I mentioned are extremely comfortable and they go with a lot of different things from formal to casual.

  • Bright Colored Accessories
All are older pieces so they are not available, but from L to R: Kate Spade, Coach, and Longchamp.

In the Spring Time, I love having bright colored accessories, whether that’s a purse or wristlet. I have a yellow Coach wristlet that was a gift from my mom a number of years ago that I love breaking out in the springtime. Another purse that I love to use is a Vera Bradley purse that my mom gave me for Easter that I like to use occasionally. Both of these are older ones, so the ones linked are the more modern versions.

  • Floral Tops

Floral for me means spring, am I right? I love floral tops for spring time. I have a few that I’ve picked out from TJ Maxx years ago, and I wear them every season. These are great to wear casually, professionally or even if you’re dressing up. What I love about floral print tops is that they brighten up my mood and I feel brighter wearing them. I definitely recommend wearing floral — especially in these troubling times.

  • Pastel/Bright Colored Nails

Thanks to my GEL Lamp, I have been painting my nails more frequently. I love pastel or vibrant color nails for spring time. I love mint or lavender colors, and they add a fun pop of color to my daily life. My current favorite is Essie’s Gel Couture Nail Polish in Once Upon a Time.

  • Cardigans

When you live in New England, it is freezing in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Therefore cardigans are an essential part of my wardrobe. I typically have a few from a while ago, but my most recent one is from Kohl’s.

What are your spring style essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “My Spring 2021 Must-Haves

  1. Like you, I am a big fan of wrap bracelets (though I haven’t been wearing them this past year since I don’t go anywhere, lol), bright accessories, and cardigans. I own about 10 different print cardigans from Garnet Hill plus about a dozen solid colors from other brands. They’re the best


  2. I realized I have not worn a bracelet since I have worked from home (almost a year now). LOL, I need to start accessorizing more!


  3. That yellow Coach wristlet is amazing! I love bold shades and their wristlets, so win-win combo for me! I am so glad to be getting in more colors, this past winter was too dreary for me.


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