What I Love Wednesday 3/3

Happy Wednesday everyone! I still can’t believe that we are officially halfway done with the week. I have been stressed out and struggling these past couple of weeks, so being halfway to the weekend is always nice.

That said, I have a few favorites to share with you today. So without further adue, here are this week’s favorites:

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: I’ve been wanting to read this since 2015 and honestly don’t know why it took me six years to pick up this book. It is so good and once I start reading it, I can’t put it down. Needless to say, I finally understand the hype.
  • Two Dots: I downloaded an addicting game on my iPad and I spent all of last night playing it while watching reality TV. Basically you have to connect the dots and meet challenges. It is addicting and I highly recommend playing it as a way to unwind.
  • Tory Burch Wrap Bracelet: I recently found this bracelet on Poshmark for $20 (originally $98). I held onto it for a while, but recently brought it out for spring and I am obsessed with it. Tory Burch as a whole is really expensive, and so finding this bracelet on Poshmark for the price I did was exciting. I have a feeling that this will become a new summer staple for me, since I tend to wear bolder bracelets in the summer time. I recently bought a black one from Nordstrom using my notes and I am so happy I did!
  • Clinique Happy Perfume: This perfume was my one of my mom’s favorites, so after the anniversary of her death, I decided to purchase this so I can smell like her. I love the perfume and have been using it almost everyday since getting it. My mom loved perfume, so this was something that I was happy to get in honor of her.

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