Women Who Work — Stephanie from Point of View Photography

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I won a photoshoot from Point of View Photography, a photography business that is owned by Stephanie Jarrin-Morales. Stephanie was really great to work with, as she very helpful with my dog Lucy. As she taking our photos, I knew I wanted to interview her for a post on the blog.

That said, keep reading to learn more about Stephanie’s life, and how her business got started! Also be sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Jarrin-Morales

How did you get started with Point of View Photography?

When the pandemic first started, I felt like most people, frustrated to be home and bored with nothing to do. So I decided to take some photography classes since I already had my camera! It’s been one whole year of classes and following a mentorship program! 

How did you get interested in photography?

In 2015 I won “Miss Ecuador in CT” and since then I’ve always been in front of the camera, never behind it. In 2016 i bought my camera when i had my little girl but i never really took it further than just a few pictures of her. Instead, I went to JcPenny every month to have her pictures taken. But like I said earlier, when COVID hit, I needed to out all this energy into something! I love making people smile, so I thought to myself, how beautiful would it be to capture these smiles & moments! and with the pandemic & all my extra time- That’s what made me take the leap 

What kind of shoots do you do? On your Facebook it says newborn and maternity, but I wanted to know if you did other areas?

I can do mostly any session. Family, couple, etc. but since I’m new to this I want to master a single shoot before I continue to expand. I chose to start with Maternity & Newborn because I feel as though that is the beginning of a life, this the beginning of a new relationship between client & photographer. Once I do your maternity session, you’ll think of me when the baby is born & I will have the chance to do your newborn session. After that you’ll think of me for all the major milestones! 6 month sessions, cake smash sessions all of that. I figured if I start at the beginning of a life I can grow with the family.

Photo Credit: Point of View Photography

What are the magical sessions?

Newborns! For sure newborns! 

What are the prices for your shoots?

Right now I’m toggling a lot with pricing! I need more exposure to clients & I need to get my hands on babies to practice all those cute Pinterest wraps! But I am generally $125 for a family session. $175 for a maternity session (includes hair and make up) & $200 for newborns (those sessions often last up to 4 hours)

What is your favorite part about your business?

Meeting all new people! I love it! 

How has the pandemic affected photography?

Honestly I can’t really speak on this since I wasn’t a photographer before the pandemic. But I will say that I have had some trouble booking newborns, especially since people are so afraid of this virus. 

What are some tips that you have for someone who wants to start their own photography business or get into photography in general?

YOUTUBE! But a camera & watch a lot of YouTube! Once you know your camera inside and out & you have taken practice pictures of everything under the sun, get a mentor. They are phenomenal! 

4 thoughts on “Women Who Work — Stephanie from Point of View Photography

  1. Very interesting post, Natalie! It was fascinating to learn about how Stephanie started an entirely new career when the pandemic hit. I wish her all the best!


  2. She already had talent and it’s great that she is using it to create a new career. I hope she’s successful. My son and DIL have a photographer that they’ve used from the beginning and it’s wonderful to have the story of the grandkids growth as seen through her eyes and lens.


  3. This is such an inspirational story. Turning a frustrating pandemic into an opportunity and a way to turn a new hobby into a money making venture!


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