What I Love Wednesday: Wednesday January 27, 2021

Happy Wednesday everyone! This Wednesday is a snowy one for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

This week’s favorites are a bit random, as I have less to share than usual. That said, I still have a few awesome picks for you this week to share.

UV Nail Lamp: I love having painted nails. However, I am the worst at keeping them still and waiting for them to dry. So, for many years, I never had painted nails. Last week, I discovered this and I bought it instantly. I did my nails, and they were dry in less than ten minutes. And my nails look great. I am loving this, because it gives me a chance to have pretty nails, but it also does them quickly.

Essie Gala-Vanting Nail Polish Set: With the UV Lamp, I also purchased a new nail polish color — this beautiful Essie red color. I have had this on since Friday and so far, my nails have been really holding up. I also love txhat for about $15, I get the nail polish and the top coat. Definitely a great deal, and this color is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

SV Decker Sleek Heart Necklace: I saw this piece on their Valentine’s Day drop and I became instantly obsessed with it. I bought the silver, and I have already worn it a few times. I love how simple this is, yet it’s different than any other heart pieces that I own. I also can layer it with a few other pieces as well, which I am really excited for.

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