Milford Residents Show Christmas Cheer With #MilfordChallenge

Residents in Milford have taken on the challenge to end 2020 on a high note. All throughout the city from Devon to the downtown area to Woodmont, the street signs have been sporting holiday decorations for the last month.

It all began a single Facebook post from Milford resident Sharon Rutledge. Rutledge said she simply decorated her street sign as a way to spread some holiday cheer and then posted a picture of it to share on a Milford Community Facebook group called “You Know You Live In Milford, CT If. . .” The post, posted on November 28, 2020 by Rutledge, had a photo of Rutledge’s decorated street sign with the caption: “Milford challenge!! In an effort to bring more joy to out streets for the holiday season… let’s see how many street signs we can decorate!! Here’s mine! I’d love to see this catch on and you all post your pics!!!”

As of December 23, 2020, that post had over 400 reactions, and over 100 comments — many of the Milford residents who decided to take on the challenge for themselves. And, there are also hundreds of posts with the hashtag #milfordchallenge on Facebook as well.

Rutledge said that none of this was planned.

“I wish I could say that I planned this and had a goal in mind, but, I didn’t,” said Rutledge. “I simply wanted to decorate our street sign as a way to wish my neighbors happy holidays.  It has been such a sad and difficult year for so many, it was just my very little way of trying to bring some extra joy.”

While this is the first year of the Milford challenge, Rutledge said she was unsure that this would become an annual tradition.

“A lot depends on how proactive people are about removing the decorations in a timely manner,” said Rutledge. “I will publicize on the Facebook page about setting a goal of 1/6 for removal and I hope people cooperate.  The last thing I want is poles left decorated past the holiday season that would cause liter and make our city look less beautiful than it is.”

However, even though it is Christmas Eve, it is not too late to participate.

“It’s NEVER too late,” Rutledge said.

Check out some of the street signs decorated with for the #MilfordChallenge below:

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