Tips To Save Extra Money Without A Side Job

Because of my work hours, I am not able to hold a part time job. Which is fine. However, I do want to make a little extra money, especially since I want to try to bulk up my savings account in 2021. Many of the things are pretty simple, but they can definitely help you make a few extra bucks.

Don’t Spend As Much: It’s very easy to spend a lot of money, and life is expensive. However, before you look into getting another job, why don’t you look into what you can cut in your budget. One of the things that I actually have cut out was buying coffee out, which saved so much money. Other things that you can cut out include: buying food out, and Amazon purchases.

Sell Some of Your Old Stuff: This is the time of year where everyone wants to declutter, so why don’t you go through your closet to see which clothes you are no longer wearing or have been gathering dust? Those clothes/purses can be sold on Poshmark or be brought to your local consignment store. What’s good is that you can makes some money for clothes that you will actually wear or use.

Coupon: I think that it’s a great thing to coupon, because you can save a lot of money. Couponing is only great however if you only buy items that you already use. One of the tips that I have is to get the apps of stores that you already buy things, such as Target and CVS, and load coupons right on your phone. Furthermore, what’s good about those apps is not only are they in one place, they also help you accumulate points to help go towards more purchases.

Buy a Brita: It’s 2020. If you’re buying bottled water, then seriously switch to a Brita. I love this because of the fact that you spend $17, it can save hundreds of dollars a year in groceries. The only thing that you had to do is replace the filters once every three months, but it honestly saves so much money in the long term.

7 thoughts on “Tips To Save Extra Money Without A Side Job

  1. I tried selling on Poshmark, and sadly it didn’t work out at all, boo hoo. I joined an FB Poshmark group, and I was amazed at how many women use Poshmark as their main job!


  2. I love using apps for coupons too! Dollar General is another good one for app coupons. I recently bought a Brita pitcher too but looking at maybe adding an inline filter on my kitchen sink. I noticed the savings and better water immediately!

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