Women Who Work: Ci’Ahna Battle, Owner of Wrapped in Essence Jewelry

Wire-wrapped jewelry has always been a classic go-to, whether you wanted to get it as a gift for someone else, but is a great way to add to your own ring collection.

I chatted with Ci’ahna Battle, who is the owner of Wrapped in Essence Jewelry. Wrapped in Essence has rings, bracelets, and earrings. All of those pieces are wire-wrapped, and they look amazing. I’m doing a mini-spending freeze on jewelry until Christmas, but I am sure I will be adding a few of her rings to my collection and I can’t wait.

Ci’Ahna Battle, owner of Wrapped in Essence Jewelry. Photo Credit: Ci’Ahna Battle

That said, keep reading to learn more about Ci’Ahna’s online shop:

How did Wrapped in Essence Jewelry get started?

I always loveddd to accessorize but it always seemed like I couldn’t find exactly what I liked or wanted. One day I was looking at jewelry and I thought to myself, “You know what? Since you can never find the jewelry you’re looking for why not just make it yourself?” And off to YouTube University I went haha! 

Out of all of your products, do you have a few suggestions for those looking for holiday gifts? 

No piece is better than the other so I suggest them all haha! 

Photo Credit: Ci’Ahna Battle

What materials do you use? 

I use nickel free, tarnish free gold, silver and brass wire. 

WIll there be any new pieces appearing during the holiday shopping season? 

Yes! This week two new pieces are now available and more will be added in the next few weeks! 

Do you have any promotions during the holiday shopping season?

 Yes! There are two promotions going on. There is a 20% off your entire purchase (with code AUTUMN20) and free shipping on all orders $50 or more (with code ESSENCE50)

Seriously. Look at those rings. Photo Credit: Ci’Ahna Battle

Do you have any 2021 goals for the shop? 

More of everything! More pieces, more orders, more social content, more success. The possibilities are endless!

Do you do any customized pieces? If so, what is the process for that?

In the future I do want to do custom monogram and astrology pieces. Stay tuned! 

I noticed that you previously had some gemstone wirewrapped pieces. Will those be returning?

Yes! As of now I am perfecting my craft to showcase beautiful work. 

More rings. Photo Credit: Ci’Ahna Battle

Finally, do you have any tips for someone who is wanting to start their own online shop? 

Patience is a virtue! I know with the social media age it seems like everything happens overnight, but please trust that it is a process. DO NOT GIVE UP. Even if you make 5 sales or no sales one week keep pushing! To give and receive is the natural balance of the world. You give your business everything you will receive everything in return! 

Be sure to check out Wrapped in Essence on Facebook and Instagram!

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