What I Love Wednesday December 2, 2020

Happy Wednesday and second day of Blogmas. I am so excited that we are now in the holiday season, because now I can listen to Christmas music and appreciate my Christmas tree. It is also the most challenging time of year for me, since Christmas without my mom isn’t easy. By doing Blogmas, it actually creates a distraction from all of the sadness of dealing with the loss of my mom. 

That said, I wanted to share some of this week’s favorites.

Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus: I am such a huge fan of Miley Cyrus since she was Hannah Montana. In fact, I think I still have the Hannah Montana CDs in my house. That said, I really am loving her new album, Plastic Hearts. I am getting the 80s’ rock vibe from it, and I am here for this era of Miley Cyrus. My favorite songs are: Prisoner, WTF Do I Know, and Midnight Sky.

Rachel Hollis’ Didn’t See That Coming: I love Rachel Hollis’ new book. I listened to the audiobook a few weeks ago, even though I have the physical book. I am going to be honest, I loved the audiobook. It was really great to listen to. The book talks a lot about healing, and is something that is a great resource for someone that is grieving or going through something. Since I do have the physical book, I’ve been using that as a way to journal and reflect. I really recommend this book as a way to grow, and am considering getting her other two books — which I loved — on audio to serve as inspiration.

The Sopranos: I am so glad that I finally have the ability to binge my favorite shows now that I can use HBO Maxx on my Firestick (Thank you AT&T for including this in the plan.) I love this especially since I can finally watch the Sopranos in full. I am currently in season one, but I can’t wait to cross another show off of my list.

Madewell Roadtripper Jeans: I am a huge fan of Madewell, as many of you know. Nordstrom was having their Black Friday sales early this year, so I snagged a pair of these jeans. I got them the next day and wore them last Friday. These jeans are really comfortable, and they fit great. I loved them so much, I ended up purchasing a second pair actually. I can see these quickly becoming my new favorite pair of jeans.

New YouTubers: I stumbled across two Youtubers — helloxluxury and Angel Nguyen. They both talk about jewelry and luxury fashion. Even though I am not purchasing a luxury bag or item for a while, I still enjoy watching those type of videos, and they both give honest views on the products that they talk about. Therefore, I really enjoy their videos.

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