Blogtober Day 25: October Amazon Favorites

It’s no secret on here that I’ve been obsessing over Amazon as of late and have been scoring amazing deals thanks to Prime Day and just in general. Therefore, I decided to make a monthly feature on my blog of all of the things I love on Amazon to share with you all. So, here are some of my favorites this month:

Kindle Oasis: This was the best Prime Day purchase ever. I got $70 off of it, and it is honestly the best e-reader that I have to date. What I love about it is that it is so comfortable to hold, the warm light feature, and how crisp the display looks while reading on the device. I’ve only read one book on it, but I can already tell that it is worth the money.

Waffle Shirt: Catherine June inspired this purchase, and it is honestly one of the most comfy shirts I purchased to date online. I purchased the plum color, and it’s gorgeous with leggings and jeans. I did get the extra-large, and it fits oversized enough where it covers me, but doesn’t wash me out. If you’re looking for a comfy and warm shirt, than this one is great.

Enamel Tile Bracelet: I saw this on Moriah Robinson’s YouTube channel, and I am so obsessed with it. I’ve mentioned it in this week’s What I Love Wednesday, and I am still loving this bracelet today. I have the gold and white one, which works wonderfully for mixing metals since I flip flop from silver to gold to rose gold. I really love this for anyone, and this will make a wonderful gift.

Gallon Water Bottle: One of the things that I struggle with is drinking enough water. I purchased this gallon water bottle because not only does it hold more than enough water to get me through the work day, it also motivates me to drink it. Half of the time, I honestly don’t, but it’s something to aspire to.

Phone/Watch Chargestand: They had this stand on sale during Prime Day and I actually purchased one for myself and one for my boyfriend. I put them up on our nightstand to help reduce clutter, and it was honestly the best thing I ever did. I like it that I can leave my Apple Watch charging on it all night, and that I have a place to put my phone as well. You can charge your Airpods on this as well, which is really cool. I do want to point out that this does not support wireless charging, which is honestly fine with me because I don’t care to do wireless charging at this stage of my phone’s life. I honestly really am enjoying this purchase, and can see myself getting one to use as a phone stand at the office as well.

iPhone 11 Pro Cases: I am obsessed with these phone cases. I got one prior to Prime Day, and two more on that day since they were only $6. These cases have everything that I love in a phone case. First, it protects it extremely well. Let me tell you, I’ve dropped my phone with this on it so many times, only for it to be just fine. Secondly, it also is a cute case. I have the two marble prints and am currently using the leopard print ones.

So, those are my Amazon favorites for the month. Be sure to stay tuned to check out next month’s favorites.


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