Blogtober 11: Blogger Q and A

I saw this idea on a blogger’s post, and I knew that I wanted to try it. A few days ago, I had asked in my Instagram’s stories (if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, seriously follow me! There is amazing content on there) for people to ask me anything. I got four questions, and wanted to compile them in a blog post to share.

What Is The Hardest Part of Doing and Maintaining A Blog?

Definitely maintaining a normal blog schedule. I work full time and sometimes I get overwhelmed with balancing stuff and so it’s harder for me to maintain consistency.

How do you decide what topics to write about?

I honestly just write about things that are important or that I love. For example, if it’s a place that I love to eat or shop at, I want to share it, or if it’s something I feel that’s important to share, I will.

Any good recent book recommendations?

If you love dogs, Fixing Freddie, but if you’re in the mood for something spooky, definitely House of Salt and Sorrow.

What would your dream holiday be?

Either Italy or LA.

Thank you to all who submitted questions! This was fun — hopefully I can get another one written soon.


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