What I Love Wednesday: August 19, 2020

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is a Friday for me, because I actually took the rest of the week off for a mini vacation. Well, staycation if we’re going to be honest here thanks to COVID-19. That said, I am ready for some much needed time off. That said, here are some of my favorites this week.

Five Minute Journal:

I journal pretty much daily, but the problem that I always ran into was consistency. Enter the Five Minute Journal. I saw it on Kathryn June’s vlogs, and I knew that I had to have it. How it works is that you write in the morning and at night. It helps you focus on the good things that happened in your day, but also helps you focus on practicing gratitude. Both of these things are really important. That said, if you’re going through a trying time, or struggling with the state of the world, I highly recommend one of these.

Miley Cyrus’ New Song:

Miley Cyrus released Midnight Sky and it has been on repeat for me since it’s release last Friday. It’s clearly a song about a breakup, but it is amazing. I highly recommend that you go and listen to it.

Ugg Fluffette Slippers:

This is perhaps my favorite item that I purchased from the Nordstrom sale. These slippers are super comfy. I had some LL Bean Slippers which were starting to get beat up. Therefore, I decided to get a second pair to rotate. And let me tell you, they were the best investment. I always think it’s important to have comfy slippers, because after a long day, it’s something that your feet look forward to. I do, anyways.

S.V. Decker Good Luck Necklace:

I picked up a new favorite piece of jewelry this past weekend – the S.V. Decker good luck necklace. I actually bought it in silver a while ago, but I did regret not getting the gold one. This past weekend, the store had an amazing price on the regular priced jewelry thanks to the sidewalk sale, so I picked the gold one up. And, I am really happy that I did. It’s a necklace that looks great on its own, or layered with one or my layering or snake chains. What I love most about this necklace is the meaning behind it. There are seven symbols of good luck, including the four leaf clover, the number 13, a horseshoe, elephant and so much more. Those are all symbols that I love, and I love that they are all on one piece of jewelry. And, now I can wear it with both my silver pieces and my gold ones.

Twilight Movies:

Since reading Midnight Sun, I became nostalgic. So, I rewatched Twilight. Followed by Breaking Dawn, since I actually haven’t seen it. And, I’m not even sorry about it. Back in the day, I was a true twi-hard. I saw all of the movies when they came out in theaters in high school, so I am happy that I rewatched the movies again and got that nostalgia. I almost want to listen to the soundtrack once again, because I was such a fan of that too.

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