7 Knitting Tips for Beginners

A little while ago, I wrote a post about how to get started into crocheting. However, I also am a knitter as well. I learned how to knit as a way to cope when my dog Maggie passed away in fall of 2018, but stopped knitting as often once I learned how to crochet last year. So, while I am not a complete expert, I do have some tips to get you started.

  • YouTube: I believe that YouTube is the best resource out there because it gives you a visual how-to on how to do anything. I guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for just by searching. Sometimes written instructions can be difficult to understand, it’s so much easier to watch someone to do it on your computer or tv.
  • Stockinette Stitch all the Way: The easiest stitch is honestly the stockinette. It’s the basic knit stitch and you can use it for so many projects and get acquainted and familiar with knitting.
  • Make a scarf: Scarves are a great first project because they are flat and they keep you warm. They also are pretty quick to make so it doesn’t feel as if you’re plugging away to something that takes forever to build.
  • Invest in Books: There are so many great books to get you started. My favorite is Learn to Knit, which you can find at Barnes and Noble. I like this book because it has everything you need to get you started: pictures, projects and a great pair of needles that can be used for many projects to come.
  • Practice before you do a project: Knitting has a lot of stitches and they are challenging. My recommendation is to do a mini practice swatch so that way you get the hang of it prior to the project.
  • Make sure you have a lot of needles (and the right ones): One of the big things that you need is a variety of needles. Sometimes you need a pair of circular needles for a hat. Other times you need thick chunky needles for a scarf. Different projects require different needles and it’s okay to have a variety of them in your stash. That said, make sure that you have the right needles for your project because in knitting you need the correct needles for the size and for the type of project you’re doing.
  • Get a lot of yarn: Depending on what you’re making, you need to have a lot of yarn. My tip? Get more than you need. It’s hard to gauge how much you do need and sometimes it’s better to have a lot of yarn and not need it versus needing it and not having it.

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