I Took A Break

In life, we need breaks from things. That’s why we have summer vacation, lunch hours and weekends. These can be things that we enjoy, things that we dread and everything in between.

When everything with the George Floyd shooting happened, it opened a conversation that I couldn’t comfortably blog because I wanted to give those muted voices a chance to be heard.

So I took a blogging week off.

Then, I went back to work full time — which was an adjustment since the COVID-19 happened, I had gotten so used to working from home. Chances are, in my sweatpants.

Between that and dealing with some things with my mental health, I just couldn’t blog.

And, that’s okay.

I am learning not to be so hard on myself. The pandemic really helped me gain some traction on the blog. It helped connect me to new bloggers and helped me grow. And, I am so grateful for that.

I know that I will never be able to be a full time blogger. For me, this is a hobby that I enjoy. And that’s okay. These last few weeks, I’ve really realized that I need to take some time for myself. Yes, that means that everything doesn’t get done. But, if I don’t take the time to give myself some TLC, how am I expected to put in that extra oomph in my other roles.

Bottom line? At the end of the day, putting yourself first is the most important step you can take. And, if you find things that fill you with joy, you do them. And if you need to take a step back, well that’s fine too.

11 thoughts on “I Took A Break

  1. Your post was really calming to read… I agree with everything you wrote and I think taking a break sometimes is just as necessary as working towards a goal. xx


  2. Sometimes, you just have to take a break. I usually blog Monday through Friday, but lately with everything that’s going on, I occasionally take a day off. Blogging is supposed to be fun, be cathartic. Sounds like you’ve got everything in the right order!


  3. That’s how I am, I take blog breaks to recharge. And just like everything in life, we need to learn to slow down for our overall mental, emotional and physical well-being.


  4. Taking breaks is essential if you want to avoid burnout. I used to blog on a tight schedule, posting daily and sometimes even multiple times a day, but now I just post when I feel like it.


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