Items That I’ve Crocheted So Far

I have been crocheting for a little over a year now. Crocheting is something that has been relaxing for me. I love it, because it is extremely therapeutic.

Since I began to crochet, I’ve completed quite a few projects and have made a lot of gifts.

Here’s what I’ve made for myself since I started crocheting:

Purple and Blue Afghan:

This blanket took me forever to make. In fact, it took me a little over a year. This is technically the first item that I started, but not the first that I’ve finished (I made a friend a baby blanket while doing this). This was a single crochet, and consists of five different colors.


I love infinity scarves. These scarves were so quick and easy to make, and they are so warm. Making scarves are such a quick and easy gift for anyone, and make great Christmas gifts.


This is the first hat I made while crocheting in the round. It also amazed me how easy that this was to make — in fact, it took me less than an hour to do. I have yet to wear this, but I am so excited to wear it in the winter. I’m also sure that this will be a go to Christmas gift for me this year as well.

Thick Throw Blanket:

This blanket took me a little over a week to make. It is made out of Bernalt Blanket Yarn, which is so soft. Because it’s a chunky (size 6) yarn, it accumulated quickly. Once I got halfway through this, I decided to order a wine color to make a throw for my recliner downstairs. This is definitely a great beginner project, because it’s simple and quick.


I decided to take the pattern from the hat and crochet this throw pillow for my bed. It was pretty easy to do, and looks great on my bed. I do plan on making another one for my recliner as well.

Nook Cover:

I found this pattern on YouTube for a Kindle cover, so I decided to make one for my Nook. This was very simple to make, and took no time. I like this one because it adds some extra padding to the Nook, which gets dropped quite a bit.

In addition to the stuff listed here, I’ve made a few scarves, and coffee cozies as gifts. Currently, I am working on a pink and gray blanket (see above), and a little yellow throw blanket.

15 thoughts on “Items That I’ve Crocheted So Far

  1. Those projects look great! Personally I knit and sew… I have done crocheting in the past, but somehow I am really bad at readying crochet patterns 😆😅 That’s why, instead I decided to just make my own designs. 😊 Maybe you can find the time to hop on over to and check out some of my projects. 😉


  2. I really enjoy crochet although I always find myself doing it for awhile and then not. I’ve been in the “not” phase for a couple years now and have recently been getting the urge to crochet again. I’ve got some yarn heading my way soon!


  3. Making a blanket is so satisfying! Congrats! I love finishing one. I mean I have only knitted one, but still! Then making tye blankets is fun too actually!


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