Tech Tuesday: Magic Mouse 2

I’m pretty much working from home all of the time these days, and that means that I’m using my computer more than ever before. That said, I noticed that whenever I did complete the work I needed to do, my laptop mouse wasn’t working for me. I felt cramped, and it was really hard for me to maneuver.

I decided to get a wireless mouse from Walmart for $10. However, no matter what I did, the mouse did not work with my MacBook Air. I have the latest generation, so I have to use a special cord to connect my USB cables to the computer as well. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to break my cords just so I can connect a cheap mouse.

So, I decided to roam around the Apple Website looking for a mouse that will, in fact, work with my computer. I found the Apple made one, which is known as the Magic Mouse 2. I did my research and learned that while this would be expensive, it would also work with both my computer and my iPad. And, last me for years, which is something that I try to do when I purchase any kind of technology.

Luckily since Best Buy offers curbside pickup, I was able to get it the next day. And, I love it.

In the box, you get the mouse, a lightning cable, and the instructions. While I have yet to use it with my iPad, I love it with my computer. It was really easy to set up, and connects automatically.

What is also great about this mouse, is that the battery lasts forever. I’ve used it nonstop for two weeks straight, and it’s still charged. I heard that when you do charge it, it does charge pretty quickly.

Of course, I bought this to use to work on my computer during this time, but I do plan to use it a lot when this is over as well. I also do want to try to pair it with my iPad as well, which might be a great way to blog from there whenever I don’t have my computer handy.

I know that we are in a time when we need to save money. However, I do think that if you have a Mac and want to have a wireless mouse, than this is a great investment for you. It does pair so seamlessly, and it’s something that I’ve heard lasts for years. If you do decide to purchase it, be sure to get a mousepad. I found that using this on the kitchen table without one did not work as well. You can find so many for less than $10 on Amazon (and they look amazing).

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