Blogmas 25: What I Love About Christmas


Merry Christmas readers! I still can’t believe I completed all 25 days of Blogmas! I hope that whoever is reading this is having an awesome Christmas! Here’s what I love about Christmas:

  • Cookies:


This goes without saying — the best part about the holiday is the Christmas cookies. For me, just one bit instantly puts me into the Christmas spirit. Everyone has their favorite, but mine is either gingerbread or those Pillsbury printed ones.

  • Holiday books:


I love reading holiday themed books throughout the month of December, because they instantly put me into the holiday mood. For me, they are like Hallmark Channel movies. I am currently on my last one, and I’m loving them.

  • Holiday movies:

This year I have not watched that many holiday movies other than the Charlie Brown Christmas special which is a given at my house. I do love holiday movies, because they give me the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holidays. My goal is of course to watch a few of the holiday movies before December 31st.

That said, I also have been watching the Great Christmas Light Fight all holiday season — which is one of my favorites.

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree:

This is my favorite part of the season, because I love looking at all of the ornaments and thinking about the memories associated with them. This year, I decorated three: my own, my boyfriend’s, and my father’s tree.

Of course, this one is one that I will always remember my mom loving. One year, she stayed up all night trying to decorate the tree for me. She was particular about the beads, and she always made sure that it was perfect. When I put up my tree this year, it was one of the most emotional things I did during this holiday season. However, getting the opportunity to decorate my own tree was something special as well.

  • The Music:

For the month of December, I am jamming. From Band-Aid, to Mariah Carey, to She and Him, I am listening to Christmas music. I have a playlist on Spotify with my favorite songs that I have linked above.

  • Starbucks Holiday Drinks:

I wish that they can serve peppermint mochas, gingerbread lattes, and all of the holiday menu at Starbucks all year long. To quote Ryan Reynolds in the Proposal, it’s like Christmas in a cup. And, I agree. Starbucks seems to taste better during the holiday season. Therefore, these are my favorite part of the holiday season.

What are your favorite parts about the holiday? Let me know in the comments below.

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