Fashion Friday: My First Poshmark Purchase (Blogmas Day 6)


I was always skeptical over Poshmark. I wasn’t sure if it was legit, or if the items on it were real.

However, I wanted a Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette — something that is very hard to get if you know anything about Louis Vuitton. I was hunting for it for a while now — to the point where I was hounding it the website hourly. I liked it because it can hold the essentials, because on the weekends, I honestly don’t like carrying a purse.

Then, I decided to check out the used market on eBay and another recommended app, Poshmark.

I ended up finding one on Poshmark on the Damier Ebien Azur canvas. I asked the person who was selling it a lot of questions — and then, I decided to press go.

This was on Saturday. I got it that following Monday. It looked brand new, came in the box, and even had the tag.

Not bad.

Since then, I did make one other purchase on Poshmark. It was something that I ended up returning because it came broken and in the wrong size. Even then, the app made it so simple to do the return, even though the item took a longer time to get back to its original destination.

With that being said, I highly recommend you checking out Poshmark if you’re trying to get high fashion on a low budget. Or, if you just want to get a few good deals. Either or, it’s worth checking out.

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: My First Poshmark Purchase (Blogmas Day 6)

  1. Natalie, your new luxe purse/pochette is stunning. Well done! I signed up for Poshmark on their website last week because I want to try to sell some of my stuff. I’m a little intimidated but hopefully I’ll figure it out


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