PSA: You Are Not Obligated To Respond to Text Messages

With our iPhones always at our fingertips, it’s almost as if we need to be available 24/7. This is why if many of us often think the worst when someone didn’t respond to our text, or why we feel like once we get an incoming message, we forget that we have the choice on whether or not to respond.

Let me just say this: just because someone send you a text, you are not obligated to respond.

With that being said, sometimes when we are upset with someone, we don’t want to give them that response. Even though they sometimes feel entitled to that very response. We can choose when we tell them how we feel — or even if we tell them how we feel. Sometimes, we may choose not to, because we feel as though it would go ignored.

We have that choice. And, don’t let anyone forget it.

Having that choice is good for us. It is practicing good mental health. It is putting ourselves first — which by the way, is super important.

I’m not encouraging ghosting here. I am saying though that we sometimes forget that we don’t have to dignify every message with a response. And, sometimes not responding right away can be beneficial. It gives you a breath to breathe. I don’t know about you, but I always say something that I almost always regret when I’m angry. Needless to say, that break will help me clear my head so that way whenever I choose to tell the person how I feel about the situation at hand, I can do it with a clear head.

This is why taking the time to just breathe can probably save relationships.

So, while that notification may ding in your pocket with your friend that you’re mad at/significant other that you are arguing with, it may be worth it to leave them on read. For now at least. After all, there’s always tomorrow — or whenever you’re ready.

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