How I’ve Changed The Way I Read In the Past Year — and Read More Books as a Result

If you asked me a year ago what I thought the best methodology to read books was, I would say that there is nothing like reading a physical book. Yup, you know paperbacks and hardcovers.

Then, I discovered the e-reader.

Here’s what drew me in: the ability to read in any light, the compatibility so I can carry all of my books around in a tiny device, and the fact that I didn’t have figure out unique ways to store my books because I am once again running out of shelf space and don’t want to part with any more books.

So I bought my Nook and was on my merry way. And, all was fine.

Until I discovered audiobooks.

And, once again my world was changed forever.

What I love about audiobooks was the fact that I can listen to the book while doing other things — similar to how I would listen to music. However, I am reading, while doing things like driving, cleaning the house, and even getting ready for my day. Furthermore, what I also love about audiobooks is that when the book is well read, you can almost picture the scene. For me, it becomes more memorable, even when the book is long gone.

Nowadays, I have three different ways to read books: the physical when I want to hold a book, electronic when I just want a book right now or I just need to carry a lot of books on the go, and audiobooks for all of those times that I want a cool story to listen to.

Having all of these methods of reading has been helping me get more and more exposed to books. This year, I’ve read over 60 books. And, I’m sure I’ll be reading quite a few more before the year is through. Some of these books have been sitting on my TBR shelf for years.

Some may argue that true reading is holding that book in your hands. But, reading has come a long way since my mom’s days of

reading Danielle Steel novels in the 80s. With the various ways one can get access to literature, it is easier now more than ever to dive into a good story. This is all thanks to technology. Reading should be celebrated — no matter how you get your nose in a book.

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