eBook vs. Physical: Why I Refuse To Pick A Side


I started using an e-reader regularly about a year ago. My mom had an Amazon Fire Tablet that she never used. I had an iPad, but it was hard to bring around because it was a larger size. I downloaded a few books, such as The Hate U Give and Girl, Stop Apologizing. That is why that Christmas, I purchased a Nook. 

What I loved about reading on an ereader was the fact that reading was more portable. I can fit an entire library onto a device, and have the ability to store it into my purse. I could bring my reading everywhere — doctor’s offices, coffee shops or moments when I had a few moments to myself. 


About a month later, I began to crave the feel of a physical novel in my hands. So, I dove into the books I had stored aside. Soon enough, I began to alternate between the two. What also helped was that the books that came from my Book of the Month subscription were physical books. 

Lately though, it seems like I’ve become obsessed with physical books more than the ones on my Nook. I have been going to a ton of local bookstores such as R.J. Julia and exploring the aisles. Of course, I would come home with a book — or two. Sometimes, I would go to my local Barnes and Noble to score great deals in their clearance section. I’m talking $3 books. What a deal. 


Every now and then, I’m asked with how I read my books. I always say: ebooks all of the way. Lately, I’ve been answering: whatever I’m in the mood for. 

Everyone knows that there is a debate between physical books and electronic ones. Some crave the touch and feel of a physical book as you tear through its pages. 

And, they have their reasons for doing so. After all, you don’t need a charger to use a physical book. All you need is a book. Of course, it’s a whole lot cheaper than spending the $100 for a Nook or a Kindle. 

However, there are a lot of people who prefer ereaders out there. And, they have their reasons like those who prefer physical books. I mentioned earlier about the fact with my Nook I have the ability to take my entire library anywhere that I wanted to go. WIth an e-reader, you can get the book downloaded to your device within a few seconds. Travelling with a Nook is so much easier, because you can take a few books with you and it won’t weigh you down. My personal favorite thing though is this — you can read whenever you want, in any light. Trust me, that is extremely convenient when a storm knocks the power off. 

There are benefits to both methods of reading. That is why I choose to use both of them. Sometimes, I crave the feel of pages between my fingers at the beach. Other days, I want to have my Nook around simply so I can read something I want in that moment, and carry it around everywhere I want to go. 

Reading is reading — no matter how you read. Therefore, I refuse to stick with one method of reading. So, that’s why sometimes I’ll read an actual book, and others you’ll see my with my ereader. I mean, who is better than me? I’ve got the best of both worlds.

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