Why Do We Feel Guilty Treating Yourself?

A few days ago, I had a few hours to kill before clerking a meeting. Rather than go home only to turn back, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner and walk around the shops before heading back. So, I got Chic-Fil-A and walked around the Barnes and Noble where I ate a blondie.

With still an hour to kill, I headed to Best Buy. It was on my way back to the highway, and I figured why not? I needed to get a Micro-SD card anyways, so it worked out.

After I found the card, I began to walk around to the FitBit section. Since getting my Versa back in June, it has become a habit of mine to check out the bands whenever I go somewhere that sells FitBits. I love changing them, so it couldn’t hurt to look. Right?

Anyhow, I found a package of three bands, one of them a silver mesh band for the smart watch. Keep in mind, I have been looking for one of those for a while. The price was right, and I figured why not?

When I went home, my mom said: well aren’t we self-indulgent? My response: I work pretty hard, so every once in a while, why can’t I reward myself for it?

According to an article on Forbes entitled Why You Feel Guilty When You Spend Money and How To Stop, spending our hard-earned money should be “exciting and not regretful.”

The article cites that a big reason why we feel guilty about doing so is the fear of it going towards something more practical. And, how many people can relate to this? Let’s say you have a rough day at work, and fall in love with a purse at TJ Maxx. So, you buy it. Of course, it is supposed to make you happy. Instead, you feel guilty.

Why is that?

This, the article says, is a result of “lack of planning.” That money you spent on a purse could have gone towards your savings. It could have gone towards rent, or paying a bit extra on your credit card.

Now, how can you get rid of that guilt? The article suggests having a plan for the money in your paycheck, and setting aside some “fun” money. By being able to enjoy your money is actually a sign of financial health.

With that being said, the only time you should really feel guilty is when you’re either dipping into your savings or getting into debt doing so.

Therefore, have a plan people.

With that being said, no one should make you feel guilty about doing that. I have so many friends who complain about money, and that also is a factor when I splurge.

But, here’s my train of thought: if my bills are paid for, and my car has gas in it, then if I want to spend money, I will. I try to be mindful, which sometimes works. And, I work pretty hard, so sometimes I will ask myself what am I working for? when I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Therefore, for all of you who are staring longingly at something that will make you happy, maybe this is the push you need to treat yourself. Just make sure that everything else is paid first.

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